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  • Flagship utilizes Clinical Pathways aligned with PDPM Diagnostic Categories that promote optimal functional outcomes.

  • Flagship incorporates Compliance Services aligned with PDPM Program Integrity to reduce risk and promote appropriate and clinically justified services.

  • Flagship integrates Therapy Programming that promotes optimal quality measures, reduction of readmissions and state survey preparedness.

  • Flagship provides Clinical Staff Training focused on resident-centered interventions and an interdisciplinary approach to promote a holistic service delivery.

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Strong Customer Focus

  • Collaborative partnerships providing customized services
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Maintain open and responsive communication
  • Integration of innovative technology and progressive clinical approaches

Key Features

  • PDPM Champions
  • Revenue Enhancement Support
  • Outcomes Driven Clinical Pathways
  • Census Growth Strategies
  • CMI Collaboration
  • Comprehensive Screening
  • Community Integration Programs
  • Dynamic Compliance Services




  • Comprehensive and Customized Audits for Therapy Documentation and Billing Accuracy
  • Ongoing Remote Monitoring and Auditing of Targeted Risk Areas related to therapy delivery
  • Proactive and Ongoing Updates and Training on the Latest Health Care Policies and Programs
  • PEPPER Report Analysis and Assistance with Managing Compliance Risk Areas
  • QAPI participation and implementation to help meet SNF requirements
  • Education and Training for Partner Communities and Flagship staff
  • Monitoring and Enforcement of State and Federal Requirements
  • Reimbursement expertise for Medicare and other payers
  • Denials Management and Probe Audit Support

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